Kyle Abbott runs his own school of traditional Japanese and world music. He lives in California, and frequently travels abroad. Logically, his work takes him to Japan. What connection does he have to Tuva? Kyle taught himself Tuvan throat singing, transcribing lyrics without understanding a single word and practicing khoomei until he finally got it! Below are some of his performances:

Dyngyldai – performed with a western viola, an unexpected but successful fusion:

(and compare to the original:

A cover on “Igor’s Solo” – a very famous piece by Oidupaa Vladimir Oiun

(original by Chilgrichi:

And who knew that Khoomei goes with juicing? Well, it does:

We will be discovering more about Kyle’s journey through world music, how he came to learn Khoomei and his plans for the future next week, in a longer interview. We wish Kyle all the best with his enterprises and hope our readership will join us in commending his excellent work!

Meanwhile, if you have exciting stories related to Tuva, let us know!

Written by acherny1812