The Tyva.Me project is that – linking Tuva to me, in this case you, the reader. We are a team of a diverse group of individuals, all united by one thing – their passion for the Republic of Tyva. We believe in the huge potential of these lands as an attraction for explorers and as one of the last untouched ecological reserves of the Great Steppe.


Tyva is a beautiful place, shaped by a history that goes back to time immemorial, with esoteric music and a unique culture. Here at Tyva.Me we bring all things Tuvan to you, wherever you may be, and we wish to inspire you with the wonderful intricacies of Tuvan steppes, mountains and throat singing. Escape to a land of clear blue skies and smiling people, to timelessness itself, as you peruse Tyva.Me.

Yours sincerely,

The Tyva.Me Team.

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Tyva.me Team

Written by airamo